Your digital account for A better lifestyle

Free IBAN accounts in 10+ currencies
Free Visa Card accepted worldwide
24/7 Access on Web and App

intuitive intefrace

send and receive payments

customize your experience

no hidden fees

Manage your finances

Set up your online account and get multiple IBANs in different currencies

Pay and withdraw money anywhere in the world. First two cards are on us – no issuing and monthly fees!

Get notified whenever money’s coming in to your account or when you use your Mastercard or Visa.

Send money anywhere, anytime

Global transfers

Cheap transfers to domestic and international payment systems.  

DEBIT card

The GBF contactless debit card allows to pay at any online or physical store and withdraw funds at ATMs where VISA cards are accepted.

free sepa transfers for gbf clients

Transfers between users of GBF are free of charge. Is it is enough to indicate an email address, phone number or GBF account number of the recipient to transfer money in an instant.

currency exchange

Use favorable exchange rates to convert currency directly in your account. You can keep money in different currencies and use it to make international transfers or online purchases.


Our clients can make instant transfers amounting up to 15 000 EUR within seconds, 24/7. 

Spending limits

You can set your own daily, weekly or monthly spending limits to assist with budgeting.

What We Offer 

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FUlly regulated

Fully regulated and supervised by the Bank of Lithuania


in app planning

Advanced analytics tools. One click insurance. Financial assistant software. 

Backend & API Development

Easy to use backend. Turn key integration solution

User Centric Experiences

Instant spend notification. Instant account in app locking.  Saving and budgeting tools.  

WorldClass Support

Multi-lingual customer support by email, phone or live chat. 


Secure and regulated data processing techniques ensuring your information is safe. Funds are secured 

spend anywhere anytime

Wherever you are in the world on vacation or professionally rest assured that your card will work anywhere anytime. 

safety of funds

All funds transferred to your GBF accounts are separated from the funds of the company and cannot be used for company needs, loaned or invested. All money is kept only in reliable credit institutions of the European Union.

BlockChain Intergration

Utilizing this technology purely for data management, privacy and fraud prevention. Blockchain allows us to reduce many flaws  involved with antiquated data management techniques. 

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